Our company - Our passion

Our start-up Local4People develops Internet platforms that bring people together, promoting the exchange of services and skills. We are specialized in the development and implementation of "time banks", which are networks of people sharing services, using time as money.

Our start-up was created in spring 2015, in the form of an SAS with a capital of 30 k€


Our first platform is the "time bank" VivreDansMaVille, which allows citizens to share services, skills and talents, and which is constantly gaining traction, especially in our living area the Trégor, in Brittany, France.

Our second platform is a dedicated time bank for companies, TIMEBANKPRO, which promotes the well-being of employees, allowing them to share their services, skills and passions.


Our company is founded by two experienced and passionate engineers, each with 20 years of R&D experience in Information Technology.

Philippe Bouillé, president and co-founder, is a passionate creator of services having a social impact, bringing people closer and promoting well-being and better together-living.

David Guillerm, partner, co-founder, professional web developer, likes to put his technical passion and his skills at the service of innovative projects.

Raphaëlle, intern, is active in design, ergonomics, and user testing.


Local4People works with specialists in entrepreneurship and collaborative projects, as well as the best designers.
We thank our partners and sources of inspiration, including:

Happy Startup School,


Technopole Anticipia.