Our company - Our passion

Our startup Local4People aims at creating social and economic capital in local areas (town or federation of towns).

Local4People develops web platforms which connect people, as well as associations, public agencies, schools and shops. Local4People advices and initiates on community creation.


Our first realization is the local social network VivreDansMaVille, which is currently in trial in several french towns. This network aims at facilitating links and sharing between people within a town or a federation of towns. This platform promotes online and offline (face to face) contacts between people.


Our company is founded by two engineers having each 20 years of R&D experience in big french corporations..

Philippe Bouillé, founder and president, aims at creating and commercializing services having a social and economical impact in local areas.

David Guillerm, professional web developper, cofounder, loves using his technical passion to develop innovative projects.


Local4People loves to work with other specialists (enterprise creation, collaborative projects, designers). We are grateful for our partners and source of inspirations, among which:

Happy Startup School,


Technopole Anticipia.